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変更内容:11.9 Restriction(利用制限) 追加
* 規約の主要内容は下記となります。

11.9. 利用の制限




11.9 Restriction
This agreement specifies what should be observed to ensure smooth service delivery.
Violations specified in this agreement shall include but are not limited to the following restrictions.
1. General service use
You acknowledge and agree to not use our games and communities for illegal or unintentional purposes.
2. Technical limitations
You acknowledge and agree that you shall not:
- Use any software or devices that the company has not provided or approved.
- Use, produce, distribute illegal programs, hacks, and cheats not provided or approved by the company and restrictions are not limited to the stated contents.
- Falsify the app installation file or share the falsified apps.
- Attack or attempt our servers.
3. System abuse
You shall not take advantage of abnormal systems in the game, share them with others or deliberately cooperate with other users to exploit abnormal systems, and if abnormal systems are detected in the game, immediately report to the company and do not abuse the system continuously.
4. Manner
You acknowledge and agree that you shall not:
- Use slang, swear words, or slander that may offend others.
- Spread unconfirmed information or make false reports to the company.
- Interfere with the operation of the game or maliciously with other people's game progress.
- Offend others when creating nicknames/Alliance names.
5. Infringement of Intellectual Property and Other Ownership
You acknowledge and agree that you shall not:
- Infringe software, music, pictures, and other copyrights owned by others.
- Deceive other users by impersonating the GM.
- Cheat other customers to obtain in-game items / goods.
- Cause damage by stealing unauthorized accounts from others.
- Acquire or distribute unauthorized personal information of other customers.

You acknowledge and agree that temporary or permanent suspension of account can be imposed depending on the content or severity of the breach. In addition, Ekkorr is not obligated to notify you of any breach of the Terms and Conditions prior to any action. In the event of a permanent suspension, all items and paid goods owned by the suspended account will be lost.


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